Private 1 on 1 Training

Individual nail training class brought to you by Thao Dang

  • Marketing/Branding, I will show you a few about branding your business through social media, websites, the power of online booking, deposits, how to be a responsible for your own business, and how to build great relationships with clients to create long lasting nail relationships. All of these are my techniques that have learned over the years that have helped me gain great clientele.
  • HANDS ON TRAINING! There are a few varieties of classes you can take with me, everything I will teach you will be my techniques that I have self-taught myself. All enhancements will be taught using nail forms, nail tips will not be used for training. 

Hands on Training of your choice:

Segment 1 Nail enhancements

Acrylics and/or Gel:

-How to properly prep the natural nail for a sculpted full set

-How to properly prep for a fill set

-Application of acrylics, shaping and how to get that perfect c-curve

-Proper application for gel polish on top of acrylics

Segment 2 Nail Art

3 Choices of nail art techniques:

-Proper Swarovski crystal placement for long lasting wear

-Line work using art gel

-3D Art

-Acrylic encapsulation

-Hand painted nail art of your choice you can pick from a variety of my work

Closing questions:

If you have any other questions about training, marketing, more about me feel free to do so.

Nail goodies will be determined on what type of course you would like to take!

Course pricelist:

All training courses require a $250 deposit when booking and full amount must be before the nail training starts.

Course 1 $350 3 hours

Learn hand art techniques

Gel Art

Nail Goodies to take with you

Course 2 $500 4.5 hours


Hands on acrylic application training (Sculpting)

Hands on nail art techniques

Closing questions

Nail goodies to take with you

Course 3 $600 5 hours


Hands on acrylic and liquid gel application (Sculpting)

Hands on nail art techniques

Closing questions

Nail goodies to take with you

Things you would need:

Acrylic/Gel brush

Nail art brushes

e-file will be provided but it is recommended for you to bring your own.

Your nail goody bag will include:

-A list of products that I use and where you can purchase

-Sculpting Forms

-Acrylic and Ema Acrylic liquid with choice 2 Builder gel

-Nail file/buffer

-Acrylic brush with choice 2 Gel brush

Further questions before you book your training course can be emailed to [email protected]

To book your class please send me an email with Choice 1 or Choice 2.

I look forward to help guide you for a better your craft!

There is nothing like investing in yourself why not let me help further your skill set!